So apparently Kenyan parliamentarians are planning to jump onto the now fading Jerusalema dance challenge craze.

Jalang'o broke the 'disturbing' news to Kamene who failed to understand it's essence especially given how most parliamentarians have failed Kenyans.

"So apparently, the parliament wants to do the Jerusalema challenge, they have two days to train and shoot, how much do you think it will it cost?" Jalang'o asked his co-host.

I have seen the rehearsals have started and they have been told wakuje wote. They will take allowances and everything."

Kamene couldn't take it anymore and questioned their availability when the house needed the quorum to pass the two thirds gender rule a few weeks back.

Jalas did not even beat around the bush when he let Kamene know that 'this will will be the most expensive dance routine ever.'

"There is a trainer who will be paid to train them then the day of the shooting there will be breakfast, lunch and everything.

Then there will be a DJ, camera editing nini nini utapatiwa bill ingine hapa. In fact hata wanaweza sema tusi shoot hapa twende Jerusalem." added Jalang'o.

Showing their disappointment, the two agreed that maybe Jerusalema challenge will be the only thing that they will do better.

Wueh! The shade guys!