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Since president Kenyatta opened up the economy and lifted the ban on sale of alcohol, Kenyans have been partying hard!

Just minutes after his national address, clubs had already started testing their customers, informing them that they were back in full swing.

Artists and events organizers who were badly affected finally breathed a sigh of relief as the country returned to normalcy.

Last weekend we saw Kenyans partying hard; From clubs to open ground events and we couldn't be impressed for the millions of youths who got back their jobs.

Today marks weekend number 2 since the presidential address and guys I have already ran out of the event posters that I have seen on Instagram.

Below is a compilation of some of the events that have been planned for this weekend.

1. Our very own Jalang'o the lord of events is already hosting an event in Kisumu.

Announcing the news he wrote;

Kisumu Iam coming on Sunday! First Flight in Last Flight out!Kikao begins at 10am This sunday! We are all attending the 1st Mass on Sunday!

2. Full circle launch

3. Heroes bash

4. Sexy Saturday

5. Esko party 

6. Jiweke Sundays