Fashion designer and plus-size model Neomi Nganga is living her best life in Turkey and we can see it all over her social media page.

But in as much she is out there doing the most, there are a few people here and there killing her vibe. The narrative many are trying to push is that she has a sponsor who is flying her all over and giving her that good life.

Taking to social media, Neomi angrily addressed those saying that she is of privilege to enjoy the good things in life.


"🤎STOP EXCUSES 🤎 “Ooooh they are lucky they are celebrities ...ooohhh they have rich boyfriends....ohhh they have business....! Ooh They know people! This is me in my hustle mode ! This is me in Downtown! Doing my research for my next hustle. THOSE EXCUSES will be the end of your dreams!"

Adding that,

"My dear nothing comes easy !!!You have to put in the WORK! Sacrifice! Commitment! Rejection! Doubts! Risk !Failure! I believe what comes Easy Doesn’t last long! And what last Didn’t come easy !!Get out and risk it !EVEN those rich boyfriends they don’t come easy !!Or find you sitting in your Leaving room !😁Enjoy your evening 😁"