Kamene while taking a trip down her Instagram page,  bumped into a post which got her thinking.

According to Menje, the post read; "A ring is not a flex when you are getting cheated on, matter of fact, hide it.”

Reacting to the post, Kamene's two cents were; There is a lot of significance why women say ‘put a ring on it’. What is a point of having a ring on when you are being cheated on?

Jalas believes that this boils down to how desperate most women have become. He says owing to the societal pressures of not staying single, women are now ready to settle with whoever.

"There are some women who only want a ring it doesn’t matter the situation, kwani it is a lie? There are women who even buy their own rings." Jalang'o said.

They don’t even care who put it, unajua hawa madem pressure ya kuolewa inawafikia, kila sku ni kwenda ruracio kama tent, whoever puts a ring on it that’s the guy."

To reiterate his point, Jalas reminded Kamene that there are hundreds of women who are more than willing to pay for their own dowry just to be with a man.

"The ring gives many women a sense of security that this guy is married to me." added Jalang'o.