Elsa Majimbo has placed Kenya on the world map thansk to her nomination in the Peoples Choice Awards. She is part of the nominees under African Social Star 2020 category.

This is a very big deal for her as a young girl just doing what she loves. She started out doing videos to be a source of entertainment, and now she is earning endorsements, nominations and approvals from big names worldwide.

Amina Abdi who had a chance to meet Elsa when she was starting up this journey to fame, took to social media with a post of encouragement.

"If "kuomoka tutaomoka" was a person it would be the one & only @majimb.o💅🏿I remember talking to her when she first started out & I didn’t understand all the negativity she got🧐Well, I’m happy she didn’t stop & here she is taking over the world. The fact that she’s done it kwanza looking natural has inspired so many of us to love our natural selves. You are so humble and sweet...let’s bring that baby home🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻" Amina shared

She was even kind enough to introduce Elsa to the few followers who do not know her.

"For those very few who might not be familiar with her work, Elsa has taken social media by storm and she doesn't seem like she's stopping anytime soon.💃🏾Usually, I'm on the hunt for the "it's not!" phrase whenever I'm watching her videos. Totally understandable if you read that in her voice.😉Recently she's been nominated for the E! People's Choice Award for African Social Star. The youngest ever nominee and my KOT fam has been showing her so much love, as she deserves 👏🏾She's also bagging big brand deals with international players such as Rihanna's Fenty Beauty and MAC Cosmetics left, right and center. We couldn't be more proud.🥳25 votes a day please per person 🙏🏻Keep winning girl!"

Amina did not forget our OG, who has bagged two nominations at BET and AEAUSA.

"The OG himself, @khaligraph_jones can't and just won't stop winning. Would he even know how to? Doubt it!🤗Khali, has been making hits and has managed to maintain his status. Hats off to you bro!🧢Khaligraph has just been nominated for the 2020 AEAUSA (African Entertainment Awards, USA (AEAUSA) as well a BET award under the “Best International Flow” category.🥳We can’t vote but hopefully, we can bring this one" home too!!🇰🇪