Kate Actress
Kate Actress
Image: Instagram

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress has literally started from the bottom and now she is here.

She features in many Kenyan film productions and all this is based on her hard work and patience to get to the top. Kate has severally said it is not easy.

A few weeks ago, we got to learn she was the one who financially jump started the success of the TV hit series Sue na Johnny.

Today she took to social media to advise her followers to stop unnecessary pressure and more to that, to be patient. 

"Wacha pressure, Your time is coming, just do your part dear, God will do the rest. But you must have a Dream, then focus all your energy on that, the person you want to be 🙏 when you don't have a Dream or Goals, you are easily distracted. may the hustle reward you. May the universe conspire in your favor. "

Just like her bestie, Neomi Nganga said, good things take time and they last long.

Yesterday on Twitter, Kate, Brenda Wairimu and Nick Mutuma were trending because some KOT members felt these are the only faces we see in Kenyan films. They said they are tired and want fresh new faces on screen.

But if you look at them all, they have worked to get to where they are. From supporting acts, to main acts and now they are producers. It is a slow but gradual growth.