Another Diamond Platnumz ex is team Tanasha Donna.

Nah calm down it cannot be Zari Hassan. It is Wema Sepetu. During her weekly show, 'Cook With Wema Sepetu' she had Juma Lokole as her guest and she had a lot of questions for him.

Juma Lokole is that guy to bring on board if you want your content to go viral in Tanzania. So this show was definitely going to trend. Manz is too controversial.

He was very clear that he totally dislikes Tanasha Donna but Wema was not going to fall victim to that trap.

"Why do you hate her? Believe it or not, I like that girl. Because she is not my co-wife now. If you call her my cowife, you are forcing issues. I like Tanasha in fact I love her so much" She told Juma

Well, I believe Tanasha shares the same sentiments as Juma. Last we heard from both of them, he was exposing her as a lazy woman in bed. That was when she was deep into the relationship with Diamond Platnumz. So how he knew she is lazy in bed, we still do not know.

One ex at a time, Hamisa and Tanasha are now besties and Wema has joined the gang, Zari, all eyes on you. No pressure though.