Zari Hassan may be a social media kind of woman, but there is a side of her life we do not get to see. Her siblings and parents.

We barely get the opportunity to see that side of the family maybe because she does not live with them I guess. But we had a rare opportunity to see her father.

Zari posted a picture of him and captioned,


"My Taliban chief Oga. Paps out here looking likeā€¦"

Zari and father have never really had a close relationship as she has said before but that does not change the fact that he is her father.

She grew up without her father around because her parents were not on good terms but clearly that is all in the past.

Zari Hassan's father
Zari Hassan's father
Image: Instagram

She lost her mother a few years ago and so in as much as her relationship with her father is not so strong, she appreciates the only parent she has.

The question now remains, did she move her father to South Africa or is this picture from the archives?