Two weeks ago, Eniko Hart welcomed her second child, daughter Kaori Mai, with husband Kevin Hart.

She officially introduced their newborn daughter to the world with a photo of her face and a very sweet caption saying,

"When your heart literally lives outside of your body all over again. Ori my girl you are everything I could’ve ever imagined plus more." She captioned a picture of her looking at baby Kaori

Eniko's body is already getting back in shape days after giving birth and she says it is all about taking care of your body. She took to social media to show off her post-baby body and siz doesn't look like she had a baby a few days ago.

"Day 11 post-baby...

I gained 37lbs this time w/ baby girl...down 19lbs & feelin’ DAMN GOOD abt it.

I’m slowly but surely getting back to my old self, baby girl is happy, & healthy thank God... 🤗"

She added a disclaimer saying that not everyone will have the same journey as hers but she urged women to take care of their bodies.

"Not everyone’s journey is the same but I’ve learned over the years if you treat your body good, it’ll do the same in return, like my trainer @rebeccabroxfit said “be inspired to INSPIRE” 🙌🏽

The woman’s body is truly AMAZING! HAPPY SATURDAY. 🤗#naturallyME 🤸🏾"