Genegetone rapper Zzero Sufuri had a sit down with legendary Nonini on Rhymes Na Nonini and opened up on a lot.

Including why manz does not have a single tattoo. They have been considered cool especially for celebrities but for him, they have never been a fascination.

Why? Well, Jeremiah Chege aka Zzero he said he does not believe it is something God wants approaches of. Yes, he is spiritual.

“I don’t have any tattoos because I feel that if I get one, I won’t go to heaven. I have read the Bible a bit and my background gives me a lot of support. My father is a pastor. When we were growing up the teaching were against piercings, polish and tattoos”

Nonini was super stocked and he told him he respects that decision because he is of the same school of thought. His religious foundation does not allow him to.

Zzero also talked about the success of his verse, 'zimenishika' saying it went viral three years later.

“That video I was just having fun. It was recorded in 2016 and I had even forgotten all about it before it went viral three years later in 2019. I later heard that some people were looking for me but I didn't even have a phone." He told Nonini

From then on he has been elevating when it comes to his career and of course that comes with more money and a lifestyle change. He attributes all his success to God.