Elodie Zone has been through a lot. From serious trolls to a public break up but all that has not stopped her from being the queen that she is.

Taking to social media, she advised her followers that things can be bad, like really bad but you need to sit down and learn from that. When the worst keeps happening she says it is a way of teaching you a few life lessons.

"Sometimes bad things keep happening to you over and over again. Perhaps you keep getting into similar financial debt. Maybe anytime you meet that ‘special someone’ it ends up being a failed relationship. Negative interactions at work could keep popping back up. In life, if you notice something bad occurring repetitively, it’s because there’s a lesson you need to learn and something you have to change."

She added that it will not be easy but it is for the best.

"Without learning that lesson you can’t improve or get anything better in life. Learn to detach and look at such things from a neutral point of view in order to better your situation and live positively. I know it may be hard to do so in the beginning, but no good thing is supposed to be easy to attain. Trust me, the future you will thank yourself 🖤"

Willis Raburu who has been through hell and back and still managed to keep a smile on his face endorsed this message. This was after a series of postS experiencing that things may seem okay on social media for him but when he is alone, he does not know who and how to act.