Mulamwah announced he is a single man on social media a few days ago and it raised mixed reactions all over.

Manz put it out in a long poem where he said he may be single but he will always love Sonnie. His reason for the break up is that she changed after he elevated her and the relationship wasn't going to survive. You know what, read the poem below:

This story came with a whole other drama between him and Kamene Goro. She basically felt what he did was public humiliation against Sonnie because she has no strength to defend herself against all he said.

This took another turn after Mulamwah responded telling her to tread carefully when it comes to his name. He basically told her to mind her own business.

This all happened on Thursday and Friday. Saturday, Mulamwah decided to go and release his heartbreak stress in the club. To get him out of that space came Shakilah. She twerked his pain away and kissed his sorrows goodbye.

From the videos he posted on his Instagram Stories, he seemed to be having the time of his life. Doesn't even look like he is hurting but it was evident he is single.