Akothee was among the female celebrities who were invited to Kisumu as a speaker to mark the International Day of the Girl Child (2020).

Joined by Lillian Muli,  Ashura Michael among other phenomenal women she opened up about situations in her life that almost pushed her to commit suicide.

The mother of five was very adamant in advising women that suicide should not be the resort when things fail to work out. All this was based on her own experience

"If your child's father pulls out, stand strong and take care of your child. I am telling you from experience. It happened to me. In 2017, if suicide was a pass, I would have done it in 2017,” She said

It may have taken her some time, but Akothee managed to move on and from that, she has developed a very strong bond with her exes. They are very close she even plays wing woman.

“Most baby daddies and baby mama who create scenes are the ones who have not moved on. When you have moved like Akothee…I even seduce women for my exes -Hey there is a woman who wants you and here is her number." She added

Listen to the rest of her speech below courtesy of NTV: