Zeddie Mourns Othuol
Zeddie Mourns Othuol
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This week, the comedy fraternity was hit once again with the death of talented comedian Ben Maurice Onyango popularly known as Othuol

Othuol passed on while receiving treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital on Sunday 11th October at 3 pm.

This was the second time Othuol had been hospitalized in the same facility after he got tuberculosis, which later left him with a brain infection.


Mourning her friend and someone dear to her, Zeddie the comedian, took her time to thank those who showed love and comfort towards Othuol, including Churchill.

In her lengthy post, Zeddie revealed that Churchill footed Othuol's hospital bills when he was first hospitalised, something not many knew.

Many were shocked by the revelation, given that she had previously criticised Churchill show management for the problems comedians go through.

"Last time I spoke about Churchill management, I was criticizing them but today I am here to show my gratitude to @kariscomedian and @eddiebutita for taking Othuol to the hospital and Churchill for standing with Othuol when he was sick, the first time Othuol was hospitaliized Churchill footed the hospital bill." Wrote Zeddie.

She added,

Othuol was hospitalized a number of times and Churchill came through for him, two days ago before Othuol died, Churchill went to visit him at Kenyatta hospital alone. The reason I am writing this is because as artists, he urged us to go and visit him. He sent a text in our group and for that I congratulate him for showing love and for reminding us that as artists, we should help each other.

Zeddie also had special mentions for @2mbili and Aunti boss actress, @sandra_dacha for leading Othuol's fund drive. 


So kitu ningependa tujue ni ati Churchill alisimama na Othuol before and during his sickness and low moments,yeye si mtu wa kujionyesha maybe angekuwa wa hiyo type angetuonyesha,for now sitaki tuseme mengi kwa sasa but mniruhusu niomboleze kaka yangu,safiri salama Benmorris Ouma🙏🙏🙏,' penned Zeddie.