Kamene noted that when digital migration was initiated a few years ago, it seems like we did the same with the pursuit of love.

The breakfast presenters wanted Kenyans to come clean on whether they have ever found love off social media apps.

While discussing digital dating, she and Jalas shared their hilarious experiences.

For me I am in another group and there was a crisis. So far I am busy laughing at memes and ghafla bin vuu kumbe watu wanararuwana," Kamene said.

So I am busy saying 'Good morning guys' kumbe wasee walikuwa wameenda out the previous night and there was a fight. So one of them threatened to expose the rest on the group and I am wondering what is going on."

Kamene went on to reveal that after her marriage ended, she needed someone to lean on to and her friend introduced her to Tinder. She says she deleted the app after two days.

"I remember the first person I matched with was my neighbor, so I pulled up to see him and bro! He was little!

The other person I matched with is Andrew Kibe and you all know how it went." revealed Kamene.

On Jalas' side, he shared how a friend of his, once slid into a pretty chic's DM only for her to show up looking completely different from her photos.

"So this chic showed up and the guy is disappointed since its curfew time and there is no time to fish for another lady. Si tumetoka carnivore, wacha jamaa aanze kuongea na kijaluo saying instagram itatuua," Narrated Jalas.



Tukafika tao tunataka kuchukua kuku twende tukikula nyumbani. So I took everyone’s order and ikifika kwa dem akaitisha na kijaluo.

Sasa the guy ananza kujitetea mimi hata sijasema vibaya hata instagram si mbaya."