Today Kamene and Jalas went at each othe'r's throats on The Morning Kiss. 

Kamene's line of thought when it comes to dating is that the man should make an extra effort to chase a girl and the babe should not give it too soon. And she is not apologetic about it.

"What you pick is what you get. Men if you decide to pick this please pambana nayo. I was telling chics they need to stop selling themselves short. Pandisha bei na uringe even if you're faking it. Otherwise, how will he know you're special?" Kamene said


Jalas who laughed historically countered the statement with a man's point of view.

"All this time there is no problem with kuringa yote sijakataa, ringa kabisa pandisah bei sijakataa. Do everything to show him you are special but as you do all these things. Have a time limit. Wanaume huchoka."

"For real? You guys get tired of chasing? Kamene asked in shock

"Aaah yes, more so if we are also being chased. You decide you know what, I am not going to be the chaser here, I'll be the chasee. Because unarunga and kuna msichana kama wewe anafanana kama wewe rangi kama wewe"

"Please no one looks like me.  By the way God does not make them like this no more."  Kamene shouted

Jalas still laughing shut her down by saying,

"Kuna wengine warembo kukuliko Kamene! Na bado wao ndo wanatupigia simu. Aah bwana usitulete."

Weh, conversation ya leo ilikua na hasira.