DJ Mo and Sized 8
DJ Mo and Sized 8
Image: Instagram

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 seem to be working things through.

Their reality show has not been aired on NTV for the last two episodes so they have pushed their content to their YouTube Channel. In their latest episode, the two are together addressing all the drama that has been in their life for the past week.

Responding to infidelity claims DJ Mo made it clear when we thought he was kicked out of the house by Size 8, but he was in that hotel room with her.

All we saw were his legs and conclusions were drawn. It was at the exact moment when they had so many issues going on.


The one thing that shocked DJ Mo was that she was too good to be true. She has been with him all through this and Size 8 said it is because she knows how strong the Grace of God is in their lives. They even kissed as they appreciated each other.

Size 8's main message was that she wants to show the grace of God and more importantly and she wanted people to learn to love their partners like Christ loves the church.

Watch the whole video below:

 “‌I was with my wife that night, but people didn’‌t know that! People can really say stuff. "

The full version of that picture has a video of Size 8 telling him to keep things private as they pray for their marriage amidst all the stories that were circulating.  

"I told my husband we will not overcome this without God. I looked for the room and took the kids to someone and we spent the whole night praying and asking God to fight for us. Because  the truth is, there was trouble"