njugush gym quotes
njugush gym quotes
Image: instagram
njugush gym quotes
njugush gym quotes
Image: instagram

Celebrated comedian, Njugush is among the many celebrities who have crawled back to the gym in search of that post Covid-19  body.

By working from home, many people, Njugush included, ditched the idea of staying fit and with gyms now back to normal operations, him and his wife 'Wakavinye' have already hit the ground running, quite literally.

Njugush who is already 14 days into his workout routine, has been sharing daily work out photos.

What has been catching my eye is his hilarious captions that definitely has nothing to do with fitness or mental strength whatsoever.

He will normally post a 'quote of the day' followed up by a witty message and one would wonder whether those are the side effects of heavy lifting.

I have compiled some of his hilarious post gym captions;

1. One day I'll tell you a story of @abelmutua ...he faked a groin injury for a whole month so that he doesn't work out....alikua anasema anaumwa na yeastπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚can never be me....Quote of the day: loaf of bread= 50 kshs

2.; Day 7!!! Jana mlichafua comment section na matope ikabidi leo Nikuje 4 wheel.Trust me guns still blazing wacha tumalize hizi matyre Quote of the day: I goat= 6,000/- kshs

3. Day 8!!! Going strong! We will launch this body like an overpriced government project. Quote of the day : Pencil= 10 kshs

4. Lets break a leg!!!! Day 9 Quote of the day: 800gm bread = 84 kshs

5. Casually yawning because why not!!! Day 10 guns keeps outing .....Quote of the day: Milk 500ml =50 Kshs

6; Day 11 .A paparazzi caught me returning weights, I have no idea how this photo leaked. Always take back the weights when you are done. Quote of the day,---> kuku kienyeji (kama haijachinjwa= 1200Kuku kienyeji (kama imechinjwa= 1500

7: Day 12: Quote of the day: Maziwa lala sweetened =75 kshsMaziwa mala= 70kshsMaziwa fresh= 50kshs. Nunua freshh uweka weke

8: If smoke doesn't come off your head you aren't burning calories. Quote of the day shaving bila massage = 50 kshsShaving + massage= 19,675,456 kshs