Your favorite pedi wa mapenzi, Ben Soul is taken. This message goes out specifically to the ladies. I know inauma.

In the latest episode of Sol Generation Family, he was taken for a small retreat together with Nviiri. This was after the two worked so hard so they were rewarded by their bosses, Sauti Sol.

They went for GP Karting and a babe joined them, the babe., Noni Gathoni is Ben Soul's girlfriend.

Interesting fact, they have been dating for a year now. 

Telling their story, Noni revealed they were actually celebrating their first anniversary together before telling of how they met.

“We first met on social media, basic chats, nothing serious. Until this one evening when we crossed paths at an entertainment event. I was attending a friend's party, shout to Lisa and he was meeting his friends who had come from Embu.” Noni recalled.

The two had been vibing on the DM but it was nothing serious more specific. Then she turned and saw him. (Insert slow motion and Monica's 'Angel of Mine' song playing in the background).

“So I approached him and tapped him from his back then we chatted endlessly, had a good night and exchanged numbers.” she continued.

Adding that,

“You know the way you expect someone to call you on the same night asking if you got home safe. He did not. A week later is when he texted to ask. How did we start dating? Oooh we kept meeting up and the chemistry slowly started building and we moved to the next level." Noni said blushing

Noni then opened up saying that it is not easy dating a celebrity but she has learned the art of separating Benson and Ben Soul.

Meet Noni Gathoni, the babe who gives Ben Soul love songs inspiration: