Akothee's story is one for generations, her rise from grass to grace is one that is hard to ignore.

What I love about her is she never acts like she had it all growing up or had a perfect life. She has seen it all and used it to catapult herself into the successful woman she is.

On Tuesday morning, the mother of five penned a beautiful and emotional letter to her darling mother, reminding her that her daughter is a pure definition of a living testimony.


In her post, she revealed that the two used to fight a lot and that her mom used to worry how Akothee would turn out in future.

When her mother's friends' daughters were busy graduating from Universities, her daughter was busy 'giving birth like a chicken with no direction'

"We have fought over years until we finally became friends, the worries you had about my future are now solved, you know I am a responsible girl who will never embarrass you a second time ,that was heavy while all your mates had their daughters in different Universities , your own Akoth was someone's house girl giving birth like a chicken with no directionπŸ™," wrote Akothee.

The now successful musician and businesswoman went ahead to narrate how her mom even put her on birth control and enroll her in a school, only for her to ditch school and get pregnant in the process.

She revealed that she has gone back to school and promised to graduate come 2021.

Today Your only worry is that ,Is the man coming into my life a genuine caring one ,or one who will bring me down πŸ™πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™Let's pray over it I love you my queen," wrote Akothee.

Check out her post below;