Spokesperson, Executive Office of the President, Republic of Kenya and Head of PSCU, Kanze Dena says she is doing just okay.

I am sure you are wondering why am I updating on her well being. Well, a close source to Kiss100 shared with us the tea that she is on maternity leave.

We called her to find out how her maternity is going so far and she was not very enthusiastic that the news  leaked.


"How is maternity leave taking you? Kiss100 asked

To which she responded in shock saying,

"Heeeeh! No comment. Yes No comment"

Insisting on that, we went ahead to ask her if she is doing okay and she said, "Yes!" .

Then immediately hang up. She was not up for further discussion on the topic.

Sources say her wedding ceremony caught even her close friends unawares as she exchanged vows at the venue where phones were not allowed.

She walked down the aisle in a flowing cream gown in to the arms of Mararo who is a communication expert the CEO of Mobilesure Kenya.

According to our source, the couple opted for a traditional ceremony in which Mararo paid dowry and exchanged vows with the former Citizen TV news anchor.


Congratulations to the Mararo's.