From the wise words of Sauti Sol, 'Bibi Ya Wenyewe is a no go zone', Kamene and Jalas echoed these words loud and clear.

This was all based on a video that has been doing rounds. So there is a certain man, a husband who sent out a letter to his wife's colleague. The colleagues have been having an affair and the husband is well aware of their every activity.

The letter was a warning to his wife's colleague telling him if he does not stop, he will kill him. And true to his word, he gathered his boys and shot him dead.


A shocked Jalang'o said,

"Someone's wife is a no go zone. Anytime you take someone's wife, things that run in his mind, who does he think he is what did I do to deserve this, what doe he have that I do not. You have belittled this man and the thought of someone else being with her and seeing things that are yours . Guys do not get this, you would rather take my girlfriend. Three things that will make a man be killed, someone's wife, money and land."

Kamene in response said she is torn between blaming the colleague or the wife.

"You know I am torn between how a man would be comfortable taking someone's wife. This chic came in as an intern and the guy she is answerable to is the man. She grew and the next thing she is going on trips with men."

Adding that,

It is crazy that this happens to women a lot. Men want to use their position to compromise a woman he will promise the world to that girl and fighting for that, you find yourself in a compromising situation. From an intern to a HOD.

But Jalas added that a woman needs to know her value.

"It is also a woman's fault. You know your qualifications and what you deserve. Immediately you decide to go that route, you have no value for yourself. The thing is, you will always be caught."

Adding that the entertainment industry is worse.

"The entertainment industry is the worst. Female artistes have severally opened up saying for a DJ to play my song, or to an event promoter or for an endorsement I had to drop my knickers. How many corporate heads have chezad with these female deejays?"

The reality of all this is that once you stop giving it up, you lose it all.

"Women if you work like that, you will lose it like that but when you work your way up ,the right way, you will see the success value leveling up no stress." Jalang'o advised.

But moral of the story, keep off married people.