Size 8 and DJ Mo have had a rough couple of days but all that did not interfere with their love story.

In as much as many of us thought that infidelity would affect their marriage, things seem to be stronger. Well if their last YouTube channel is anything to go by.

Mo and Size 8 came out to publicly state that their marriage is in a good place and the grace of God has helped them get through the toughest time in their marriage. Read it all below:

Clarifying further, Size 8 took to social media a day later to announce that she did not reconcile with her husband by her own strength but through Christ.

DJ Mo was accused of cheating on her with one Ms. Wanyama who sent screenshots of their WhatsApp conversations and private pictures they sent each other during their alleged late-night calls.

"God reconciled our relationship to Himself through His son Jesus Christ our savior and yes our God's character doesn't change. He is still reconciling relationships through the grace He poured on earth through Jesus Christ!!!! Behold God's power of reconciliation displayed for the world to see!!! Let the name of God be praised!! Help me praise the God of reconciliation! Type "GOD BE PRAISED!!!"

Size 8 shocked many including her husband when she stuck by him when all hell was breaking loose. 

She advised her followers to love in marriage like Christ loved the church, that way we will understand why she chose to forgive DJ Mo desire the cheating scandal.