Kiss FM's, Chito Ndhlovu
Kiss FM's, Chito Ndhlovu
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Today on The Morning Kiss Kamene was absent but Chito held it down for her with Jalang'o.

They had so much fun on air with their normal bro-mance vibes. Jalang'o told Chito a story of a pastor who is telling people to avoid meat because it comes with a lot including being broke.

Explaining the analogy, he said,


"The pastor has said to stop eating meat because you will go broke. He said where there is meat you will find alcohol and where you will find alcohol and eat, you will find women."

A confused Chito asked,

"How did we move from meat  to women surely."

Jalas added saying,

"The most interesting thing is they are women you do not want to be with and they will always be many. And they will never be your wife. Ummeenda tuu kukula nyama and then pombe iingie alafu unashtukia tuu wanawake wameeingia."

Responding to this, Chito was not in agreement with the pastor's analogy he said,

"That analogy does not make sense, by his analogy then we need to avoid the church because you will find women and they will not love you like the ones on the streets.


"But women in the church are the best," Jalas interjected

"Who told you? I grew up in the church and I have been shown more fire in the church than in the streets." Chito responded