This morning, there was a very heated but interesting discussion between Jalas and Chito who is filling in for Kamene.

Jalas who initiated the conversation, reminded Chito that many women are single and at home just because their fathers never approved their lovers.

Noting how important it is to have a great relationship with your future parents in laws, Jalas urged men to always make sure their win their future wife's parents.

Chito was not buying none of it and urged lovers to grab their lovers and run away with them, just like in fairy tale stories. 

"Noo you don't seek approval from her family but blessing and you should take your woman and leave if they don't approve your relationship. I mean the AG doesn't ask for your parent's approval," Chito said.

Countering his colleague, Chito said;

"Chito you know you are one of the few lucky people who had a good relationship with your mom and father in law," Jalas said.

Bragging about his fantastic relationship with his wife's parents Chito added;

I have a fantastic relationship with my in laws. Our relationship is about love, respect and fellowship.

I do call my mom-in-law we vibe storoz and all, my dad-in-law would call to tell me there's something he wants us to do and we do it!"