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What an amazing gesture!

Grandpa records CEO, Refigah marked his birthday, October 15th, 2020 by feeding street children at Uhuru Park.

Taking to his Instagram, the generous musician termed the street children as 'lovely blossoms just dropped from the tree after a heavy storm.'


Adding that 'they need to be put together with a needle and threads of security and shelter to live into a beautiful circle of life’s garland'

On the eventful Thursday morning, Refigah started the day with a talent showcase where the kids shared how they found themselves in the streets.

"A young girl aged 10 joyce mwangi told me all she want is to go to school. On the other hand, james through small hustles in the streets managed to pay for his driving school but failed to pay 3k to get a license,Nicolus 23 said he wants to be a Dj and a sound engineer and meshack wants to be a mechanic." Refigah's post read in part.


Saying that he will ensure the kids achieve their dreams, Refigah wrote;

As my Birthday gift and to say thank you to GOD for all the blessings I will facilitate the above mentioned 4 kids to achieve their goals.

I will pay for James to get his licence and through my friend Sam, ceo of Managemente synergy, I have gotten him a job.I will also facilitate for nicholas to join one of the leading deejaying schools and meshack will be trained at German machines centre in industrial area and for joyce I will do my best to make sure she joins school in January."

After the small event, Refigah and his team had lunch with the beautiful kids before sharing a cake together to mark his special day.