Kamene was a bit under the weather on Thursday morning, hence why Chito Ndlovu stood in for her.

While her assistant, Charity went to check on her, the two were hit with a shocker in the name of a very hard hitting DM.

"So Charity says amepata DM from someone who said, maybe if you stop acting like Kamene you will stop being single," Kamene said.


Kamene said she has her standards and she is in no rush to lower them just to get a husband who will eventually let her down.

"Charity if you don’t want to be single please avoid Kamene. I want to thank the son of Adam who sent you that DM," Jalang'o reacted.

What followed sounded like a counselling session, with Jalas advising his colleague to lower her standards

Kamene  as you wait what standards are these that you have put and what kind of man will reach your standards? He asked,

How many men can reach your standards. If I was 30 and hustling and you were the way you are I could not afford you.

Baby very few men at 30-32 can match your standards, unless unacheza huko ma 38-50 hapo ndio ma standards zako utapata."

He added,


These young men have their own struggles and yours have pushed you to those standards, so I am not telling you to reduce, accept some standards as you elevate each other. Sometimes you will be forced to lower your standards.

Kamene saw some sense in Jalang'o's words but was still sitting on the fence wondering whether she is willing to compromise.

I can see potential in your standards but I also have my potential so who’s potential are we working on? Kamene asked.

One of my standards; Good morning beautiful and goodnight baby. When I call you, pick up the phone!"