Hamisa Mobetto is slowly making moves to mend her relationship with all her fellow baby mamas.

We know she is in very good terms with Tanasha Donna, they are in the 'babe and love' phase. 

Speaking during an interview with SnS, Hamisa said she is equally open to being friends with Zari Hassan just like she is with Tanasha, and Diamond Platnumz’s first love, Wema Sepetu.

"Will we ever see Hamisa and Zari being friends just as we can see a friendship between you and Wema and also with Tanasha" SnS presenter, Creez Favors asked.

To which she answered saying,

"If it will come to be, I am here. I am a very good person especially when it comes to accepting and accommodating people. Plus I am very humble.  So if it will be planned and the reunion happens, I am definitely okay with that."

Hamisa Mobetto was also asked if all Diamond’s baby mamas are planning to have each of their children meet. She hopes this will come to pass and the small differences will be put aside for their children.

“When it comes to kids who have one father, one hopes the family can meet and straighten things up. More to that for them to be one big happy family. If there are any circumstances or problems, we are hoping in the future all will be well," Hamisa said.

The question now remains, will Zari Hassan agree to this plan? Remember Hamisa was the other woman in their marriage.