Chantelle Petite has been very silent on YouTube, a platform where she has openly shared details of her life as well as her families with us.

She recently went to the coast with her baby girl, BooBoo and they had a well deserved holiday. 

Taking to social media, she shared with us the reason why she has been away. And yes, it is a valid reason. For a minute she thought about leaving that content creation space.


"I took a break from YouTube some time back mainly because I was trying to figure out how I want to show what I want to show and why I want to show what I want to show. Took a lot of thinking, ups, downs, questioning why I’m even doing it."

Chantelle then added that she is now back with a renewed form of energy to create and produce content.

"I’m happy to be back with the morale to produce content in a different way that relays who I really am and what I’m about. Head over to the link on my bio to watch Part 1 of our first trip. I had a lot of fun shooting & editing this & I do hope you enjoy watching it & this new format that I’ll be using from now on. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, watch ads & comment. Goes a long long way 😍Part 2 will be up when we reach 10k views on this one 😍"

A lot of her followers who are very much invested in her life especially when it comes to her drama with her baby daddy, Ephy Saint were happy to hear she is back.