Why do people pick on Luo men? I thought they are the most romantic men in Kenya?

Kamene echoed a Tweet that said,

"Dating a Luo man needs to be featured in a thousand ways to die. "

Jalang'o who falls under that category was not going to let Kamene and others push this narrative.

"What? No, you can't die. You know what...so you do not want to date Luo's? How will you see these hotels? Utapiga picha wapi if you do not want to date a Luo? Where and when will you drink Glenfiddich? Who will buy it for you?"

Kamene who terms herself independent was loud enough to say,

"Myself. I am a Luo man myself."

Closing this discussion, he was clear that,

"It might end in premium tears but it is your tears."

Women, where are you? Is it true.