Margaret Wanyama, the lady who was rumored to have been the partner in DJ Mo's alleged cheating scandal has some clearing for you today.

She stated that she never had a sexual relationship with DJ Mo.

In a series of videos she shared on her page, Maggie said that a friend with bad motives was the one who leaked the information. When the two were close friends, she shared login information to her Instagram account with this friend.

Sadly, the friendship did not last and it has brought her issues.

But in another video where she was live with Kiki, she admitted that she had an affair with him. I know which is which?

Well, Maggie now claims she is happy now that DJ Mo and Size 8 are okay.

"People have already made some good money and you are here just gossiping about them. I said no one knows what happened behind the curtains. I had to tell the truth to clear my name because I am sick and tired of it. Someone blew up my name telling lies and I do not understand where they are coming from. Stories of me aborting when did I? And I was already in Bahrain. This is just crazy. I gave my friends my password and she ruined my name."

Adding that she is happy for the two to have patched things up.

"I am happy they're still together and their marriage is okay. I am okay with that and happy and grateful. I am happy to see Mo and his wife, Size 8 are happy because all this mess was brought up with someone who wanted to take my man."

Maggie also denied that she is a homewrecker.