A social media post from Frankie Kiarie aka Just GymIt's on Tuesday October 20th made us aware that he's been denied access to his two sons with Maureen Waititu.

Worse was that he also wasn't invited to celebrate his  son Lexi's birthday who turned five. Since he could not tell him the words face to face, he took to social media with a sweet message on Instagram in the hope that it will get to him.

Read Frankie's birthday wish to Lexi below:

The letter was a caption to a compilation of videos of the two and the great moments he shared with his son. Very emotional. 

Of course, Maureen does not do things small. She had a whole themed party for Lexi. Mickey Mouse was the main theme and a touch of blue which we guess is his favorite color.

Held at Indaxe Steak house, she thanked them for the plenty of good food.

"It turned out to be a beautiful day and seeing him so incredibly happy was all I could have asked [email protected] can make all your intimate and cooperate events look like a dream, I was blown away and they now have a customer in me for life."

Here are pictures from the private party: