Nviiri and Ben Sol who are signed under Sol Generation have made so many strides in their career.

This COVID-19 time has come with a lot of negative vibes from deaths, to curfew and lockdown, to public gatherings being canceled. With all this it means, the entertainment industry is suffering.

Seeing as the two fall under that, they needed to make the best out of this time. Courtesy of their bosses and management, they were taken to a faraway unknown place where they were to just create content.

While they were away, they did an amazing job and their bosses, Sauti Sol ( Bien, Chimano, Savara and Polycarp) decided to award them. Remember the GP Karting treat? Yes

But in as much all this is happening, the reality remains they have lost a lot. From gigs that would make them money to traveling around the world that would give them exposure. And it's not easy.

Together with the Ministry of Health, they got counselors to help 'the boys' -- as the gang calls them - talk things through. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Though before we got to see why Nvirri and Ben Sol are seeking counseling, Bien had teased that they have been partaking in mihadarati too much.

Watch the full video below: