Maureen Waititu is done. And her truth is that enough is enough. She is done with all the hate Frankie Kiarie aka Just GymIt has put her through.

She dropped a video last night where she addressed it all. With receipts documents, screenshots and pain. She started with a disclaimer that she is not here to play victim she is just out here to end mental, psychological and social media abuse.

"It is not a pity party and I do not want people to troll anyone. I just want a healthy life for me and my children."

Maureen went ahead to read children's law according to article 53 of the Kenyan constitution.

"I have screenshots, papers of me trying to make him the father he should be to our children. I have even protected him but today I will not hide it anymore. I will put out there as is.

I gave him a leeway to contact the children since getting to them through me, the bad person, was difficult so I told him to contact the nanny and talk to the boys as often as possible. I even told him to give me a structure that will help us take care of the children together but a year four months later, nothing. You cannot force a parent to be a parent."

Maureen even wrote a letter through her lawyers for an amicable meeting to deal with it once and for all. They (Frankie and his lawyers) responded by saying they do not owe her anything because they are providing it all but she claims it is a lie.

She went ahead to state how she had a rough time after he did the 'deadbeat' father video. She emotionally opened up that she was insulted a lot and she called to ask him why he would let people insult the mother of his children. He said the video was to address bloggers.

"You used my kids and me to gain followers and clout and it worked for you but why would you put out issues to the society without getting in touch with me first? What you have put out there on these kids will never be erased.

Parenting is not about pictures on social media it is about personal care. He sent me 6k on the 10th of August and that was the last money he sent for his children's upkeep. I don't know what he thought his kids were eating. "

Maureen added,

"When our youngest son, Kai was sick, he just showed up at the door saying he has come to pick the kids. I tried to get him to talk and he sat in his car on calls then stormed off and said I will hear from his lawyers. That was when the narrative on I have blocked him from seeing his children begun. And dare he come and refute this. 

On the 26th of August, he called me and said he will no longer send money to kids he cannot see. I took him through it all, from the times I asked him for a structure he was silent. I even recorded the call."

Maureen went ahead to then reveal how she was kicked out of their house.

"On the 7th he picked up the call saying he provides shelter yet he can't see his kids he told me to move out. He has never called me nor the nanny to ask how the kids are doing. He told me I have a month to move out. I was running up and down putting my money together and I thank him and the mother for letting us stay there. But he kicked his kids out in the name of the can't see his kids as often as possible. I did not fight him at all."

Then the worst fell on her and the family.

"My son Kai got sick with severe food poisoning. Now let me put it out there, my kids do not have medical insurance and neither do I which is his responsibility. At 3:17 am, I put up ksh102, 150 at Gertrudes Hospital for my son to be admitted. 

I have been through so much especially depression and a lot of hate on line in the name of I cry too much and I never want to move in. You will go and expose the mother of your children and anika me. Even if you hate me, do not drag my kids."

So why hasn't Maureen taken Frankie to court?

"I have not taken him to court because I will not try to force someone to be a parent. That dragging is too much and even worse. Putting things on social media t manipulate people does not mean you are a father. Act past your words. What have you done to be a dad? My kids are not puppets, they need care. I will protect my kids with everything I have, I will not die and leave my kids with no one to take care of them."

"Do not use my name to raise and chase clout. Be happy with your new family as I am, I do not want you back as people are claiming."

She addressed cyberbullies telling them to stop involving themselves in things they do not know about. A man should protect and provide. 

"Abuse is real, I have had anxiety because of someone who contrail my life. That is the lowest you have gone. "

Maureen sent out a warning to him saying,

"Frankie, keep my kids, my name and our private life off social media This narcissism has to end, instead of going to social media, show up and do the right thing. You claim I have not moved on but you keep dragging my name, you move on."

Watch the full video below: