I know that you know that Corazon Kwamboka is really itching to give her two cents on the whole Frankie and Maureen drama.

I mean we could hear it all over her tone from the short live she did in the dark on Saturday.

In an angry post, she said that she does not care what people think and no one should wait for side of the story.

During her live, so many people told her to prepare because her time is coming just like Maureen's. She said she is ready for the premium tears but she is not praying for them to come. People are really pushing her to talk.

“An audience that sways every other minute does not deserve my side of the story, don’t wait on it. I don’t care what you think lol.” Posted Corazon.

No lie though. Every time either Maureen or Frankie posts something, their emotions will always make you second guess the side you are on. Such an investment right?

Corazon Kwamboka rant
Corazon Kwamboka rant
Image: Instagram

We waited for Maureen to go on Bonga Na Jalas yesterday for a more in depth story but that did not happen. Hopefully in the course of the show Jalas will tell us what happened.