Ladies, we need a meeting at the corner, please. If what Kamene Goro is saying on the Morning Kiss is true.

Riding solo, Kamene shared her concern at the rate girls in Nairobi ciiray are having multiple boyfriends. They are dividing their time and love percentage among various guys.

Apparently, they can't get it all from one guy.

"It is weird how we are normalizing women having multiple boyfriends. Man A is funny and dresses well lakini B is more educated and takes me to nice places and of course kuna boyfriend C mwenye akona doh. "

Adding that,

"There is a narrative out there for women but I stand corrected. You want to have 100% and you know you will not get it in one guy so you split the percentage among the men.

Is this a thing? Guys have you found yourself as an A or B? And the chics why are you doing this?"

Kamene shared this topic with her listeners after one Castro took to Twitter to share his grievances after he got a call from a guy claiming they are sharing a babe.

Are you in agreement with this narrative? What do you think Jalang'o would have said if he was there? He has always said women in Nairobi are dangerous.