We got the opportunity to watch Churchill's speech during Othuol Othuols funeral ceremony.

He asked Jalang'o to translate his words to Luo so that the message can reach each and every person who was present. He wanted to pass across a very important message to his fellow entertainers, common mwananchi and the government.

An angry Churchill started by saying,

"I want to talk to my fellow comedians and creatives. My words to you are, social media, guys stop calling your fans family. Do not wake up every morning to tell them what you're eating what you're dressing stop it! You have your life, your mother, your father your children. Stop frustrating them. Guys stop it! "

Adding that fans should not be mistaken for family.

"Stop waking up saying my family, my family...those are fans. The moment you stop being funny they stop being your family. "

Zeddy a comedian who has been under him was trending for the better part of this year. She was/is a very strong advocate for mental health especially among her fellow comedians. With that said, she was very vocal in exposing a lot of dirty linen in that industry to the public.

As Churchill was talking to the entertainers, he turned to Zeddy and his advice to her was simple.

"Do you hear me Zeddy? Leave it!  Leave the bloggers, they earn money through your stories. Grow your self grow your brand money will follow you."

Concluding that a brand should always be worked on. As he is still doing even if he has made it.

"And when you guys become a brand be disciplined enough to grow it. I still wake up every morning at 4 am. I should have quit just like Jalang'o. I do not want to come to another function like this. I want to see millionaires in you."