Today being a throwback Thursday, Kamene was in the mood to take it all the way back to when she was in school.

Early this week, our very own Jalang'o graduated from Daystar University a feat he holds dear to his heart.

Kamene took the opportunity to congratulate her bro and colleague for finally holding a degree.

She went on to reveal how Jalas was joking about some units that they learnt in school which he didn't find useful.

Menje says it reminded her of the subjects she learnt back in the day that she wonders what they were for, given that she doesn't apply them to date.

"Who remembers Pythagoras theorem? Knowing the shape and size of a triangle itanisaidia na nini? I’m here talking to you beautiful ladies and beautiful men sahii inanisaidia na nini?" Said Kamene.

She went on to curse Algebra and trigonometry saying that she was never good in maths but at least knows she knows how to manage her finances.

Kiss listeners called in to lament about some of the stuff they learnt in school that they deem 'useless.'

Last year I finished high school and there’s this one book which we read and from what I am doing now, that book doesn’t help me at all." Antoh said.

A second caller who is still mad about Chemistry said;

Chemistry balancing equation and finding morality sijui ilikuwa ya nini. My chem teacher always used to send me to history class, the very subject that I dropped.

Kumbe it was what I would use in future. Now I regret not having done it. Chem was a scam!

Main Chic said that apart from reproduction topic and English, the rest of the subjects were just a scam.

Barber's boy from Nakuru says till date he can't understand how he is supposed to use the Pi R Squared formula.