Nyota Ndogo
Nyota Ndogo
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Nyota Ndogo is one of the best singers and songwriters to emerge from the coastal region.

Apart from her hits, the 'Watu na viatu' singer is also known for being blunt with her views and has never allowed anyone to weigh her down.

Just like a raging bull, she takes you head on.

This morning, Nyota decided to take a jibe at haters and pretenders who are always ready to associate themselves once someone passes on.

Posting a salacious photo showing her thighs and booory, Nyota said she chose the specific photo to give the haters something to post when she will pass on.

Ngoja nawape picha mtakazo zitumia kuandika R.I.P nitakapo ondoka dunia najua zitakua nyingi mpaka Wasio post ama kusapoti mziki wangu pia wakiskia wataandika maskini alikua mwanamziki Mzuri nakumbuka nyimbo yake moja bla bla bla.

(Let me share with you photos that you will use to accompany your R.I.P messages when I leave this world.

I know they will be many even those who do not support my art when they hear the news they will write; 'Poor her she was a great musician, I remember one of her songs bla bla bla')

She went on to warn the hypocrites that she will haunt those who will post about her after she passes on.

Wewe ukinipost nikifa nitakutokea usiku bora ukae na unafiki wako. "


Nyota just released a dope jam titled 'Woman' which she features her hubby in the video.

Check out the video below;