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It has been close to an year since the talented African pop group Elani released their melodious, Nimejaribu song off their colors of love album - but the impact it has had on Kenyans is just breathtaking.

The video to the song was dropped in September and the video got everyone talking.

According to Elani, "The song captures the despair, heart break, frustration, struggle and realization that one has tried their best to make the relationship work but its impossible to do. "

Since the video dropped, Kenyans have been opening up on the struggles they have endured in the hands of their lovers.

If you follow them on IG you will see they have been sharing the real life stories from their fans, everyone detailing how the song captured their struggles.

One fan narrated how he had a toxic relationship with a lady who never offered him any support despite him being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

One lady opened on how she was reduced to tears soon as the song dropped after she reminisced of her past relationship.

Check out some of the stories as shared by Elani fans;