tedd josiah
tedd josiah

Tedd Josiah has always been on the forefront when it comes to urging both men and women to never hide their emotions.

This mostly applies to those who have lost their loved ones.

On his part, he always shows his soft and caring side whenever he talks about his late wife, Reginah Katar. Her name always comes up when he talks about his beautiful and bubbly daughter, Jay Jay Wendo.

On Thursday, the legendary producer aka the man mom posted a cute compilation video of his wife's last memories with Wendo and a current video of daddy and daughter bonding.

Tedd wrote; When you love somebody you keep their dreams alive and keep their legacy going. That includes holding on to the baby..

The message touched one fan; Kemmy Knight who's comment moved many.

Kemmy shared how she is still grieving her hubby 5 years on and how people have failed to understand that you can't 'move on' from someone who meant the world to you.

Kemmy wrote; I lost my hubby 5year ago whenever I remember him either on my status or anywhere people brush me off ooh u should move on u have no relation with the dead only that they forget when u loose one u once loved thea memories are had to let go

Understanding her pain and what she is going through, Tedd advised Kemmy to always 'celebrate the heroes in your life' regardless of what people say.

Reminding her that Reginah is his hero, Tedd replied;

"Celebrate the heroes in your life. Let no one ever tell you different. Mama JayJay is my hero."

Talk of pure wisdom!