Lillian Muli had taken a short break from her day to day life. As we could see from her social media page, she went on holiday to the coast.

Yesterday she came back with a bang! 

Looking like a baby fresh out of the shower, she posted a picture of herself in a dera and captioned it saying,


"Good morning. Today will be a good day. Just came from my singo. ( Traditional swahili body scrub)Feeling so soft all over 🥰"

Now let me break it down for you, 'singo' is a process Islam women go through a month or two before getting married. This is usually for them to cleanse their body for the big day. You must look like a baby.

So what does this mean for Lillian Muli? 

I really do not have a solid answer but also, the last couple of pictures have her ring finger engaged with a good piece of jewelry. 

She captioned the first picture saying,

"New beginning"

Now with her going for 'singo' it raises an alarm right? Of course so many have complimented her and she had one message for us. She revealed.

"Yes my Love husband loading" Replying to friend and colleague, Muthoni Wa Mukiri

Ali Manzu also noticed that the babe looks so sleek and he commented saying,

"Nzisaa umerudi mtoto. Imekurejeshea utoto! 😂😂"

Stay tuned for what Lillian Muli has in store for us because it looks like it will be an interesting journey.