About a month or so ago, Maureen Waititu was told to move out of the place her and her sons - Lexi and Kai - called home.

This was the same house she lived in with Frankie before he left her for Corazon Kwamboka and started a new family.

Adhering to the request, she moved out to a new home and she took us round the house showing us her amazing interior skills. You can see pictures of her house in the pictures below:

After all the drama Maureen and Frankie went through last week, she still made a point to thank her ex and his mother for the opportunity to stay there. A place her boys called home.

"It is a bigger place, a better place in terms if the environment with for the kids and all that. I just want to categorically say this; to my former mum in law and my ex, thanks for giving us this space for however long we have had it. We appreciate everything. So to new beginnings." Maureen said

Ms. Waititu took her boys to a hotel as a transition stage to avoid the children seeing the packing and moving process.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, she said that she is very keen on starting afresh and that is why she will be selling the bed she shared with Frankie when they were together.

"I am actually selling that bed to a new owner. Because I am very keen on really starting a fresh..."

Last we left, Frankie had no idea where his kids have moved to. Hopefully the two will deal with all the drama amicably for their children sake. As for Maureen, to new beginnings.