Sailors Gang and BMR manager, Dankez
Sailors Gang and BMR manager, Dankez
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The weekend was supposed to be the talk of the town and it was but for the wrong reasons.

The Gengetone Festival finally went down but so many things did not work out as it should have. The event was initially set to happen in April but because of the COVID-19 safety measures, all gatherings were cancelled and that included concerts.

With the country now open, the event was revived and set to go down at Machakos People's Park. Sadly, most if not all Gengetone artistes refused to take to stage. This was them peacefully asking to be respected. 

The boycott was because they were not paid as per the agreed plan yet people tuned out.

Taking to social media, Willis Raburu said he urged his fellow Gengetone artiste not to perform if they will not be paid. This was so that they end the cycle of disrespecting Kenyan artistes.

To support this movement, Gengeone artistes took to social media with their cry and demands.

Sailors wrote,

"Kenyan promoters you have to respect gengetone and new wave artists!!!No money no show! Kwanza bila 350,000 ata usiote kutuita show na hio ni post covid offer. Gengetone fest was a major disappointment but any tupatane mbele....#dabongestyletotheworld"

Exray, a member of Boondocks Gang did a video explaining why they didn't perform and then said,

"ABOUT YESTERDAY 😤😤😤Atuwezi kuwa tuki hype events.. ma fans wanakuwa disappointed. . How the hell can you pay your sound, venue and stage and you can't afford to pay the artist!!!.. .. if you can't manage your work then don't do it....🤦🤦. silazima u hype jinaa na event... Don't!!!... Gengetone artist are paying bills tooo ... muache kutubeba ivoo😤😤.... your are stealing from our fans and you're killing the artist too😠#Taniuwamovement"

To clarify the situation further, Willis explained that it is not that people did not come for the event -as per the pictures doing rounds-, it was all that artistes were not treated right.

"Also issue clearly si watu ama turnout etc. Folks let’s talk about the real issues.Not just off some pictures picked from during the days pre-hype. The issue is the ARTISTS were not treated right! WE MUST FIX this going forward and that’s what I talk about on my latest IGTV!"

The drama that happened in Machakos clearly angered a lot of people but at least Gengetone artistes held each other down and stood their ground. Hopefully the cycle will end.