Kamene and Jalas decided to break it down for the listeners just how much it costs to get treated for COVID-19 on the Morning Kiss.

Their goal is not to scare you but to sensitize us on the importance of adhering to the Ministry of Health guidelines. Wear your mask, maintain social distancing, wash your hands or sanitize every so often. 

They brought in studio Kiss FM producer Spencer who tested positive when it just hit Kenya. He came in to share his experience but most importantly how much he spent.


"I spent half a million as I was in the hospital for 10 days. So that saw me spend ksh50,000 a day and it was a public hospital. They will give you oxygen, an isolation room etc. There is no treatment, they give you supportive medicines. Checking oxygen levels and things like that."

Mr. Spencer also had a close relative who went through the same but a more critical stage.

"My brother also had COVID-19 and was in ICU for weeks and at the end of it we spent like 4 million for his treatment. An ICU room is like a hotel room, you pay every day and everything you use even a serviette it is being charged. For both of us, we spent 4.5 million to treat COVID-19." KissFM producer, Spencer added

Callers were shaken by the amount of money one needs to spend just to treat COVID-19. Kamene and Jalas urged Kenyans to stay safe because coming up with that amount of money is heavy.