edgar obare
edgar obare

On Monday, blogger Xtiandela broke the news that tea master, Edgar Obare had been kidnapped by unknown men.

Using the hashtag #FreeEdgarObare, Xtian said that Edgar who was scheduled to attend a mention of his case against Natalie Tewa, the controversial blogger was approached by the said abductors who threw him into an awaiting vehicle.

"His phone confiscated and whereabouts unknown. His lawyer and family don't know where Edgar has been taken." wrote Xtian.

He added,

The police have refused to say why they have arrested him and where he has been taken."

The blogger would go on to update Edgar's followers that he had called a number of departments at the DCI headquarters, who denied any involvement in the blogger's arrest.

Hours later, Edgar re-appeared on his feed posting shocking revelations regarding his kidnapping.

He revealed that he was handcuffed, blindfolded, tied up and assaulted, drugged before he was dumped in a thorny bush somewhere 'along the road to Chaka.'

When I got home, I took pictures of my injuries, and this is how I was tied up. They confiscated everything I had on me, let the authorities stop denying they did this to me and protecting each other. The state kidnapped me and threw me in the bush. I demand justice." His caption read.

Below are screenshots of Edgar's revelations.

Edgar's revelations have irked many people with celebrities joining him in condemning the heinous acts he had to endure.

Bienaimesol: This is wrong

Flaqo411: Wrong On every LEVEL!!! #freeedgarobare

Annitah Raey: Kenya is really messed up. Am praying for you and your family Edgar....this scary

Corazon Kwamboka: Oh my goodness!

Terence Creative: Ni makosa saana,not fair at all,mtu ako na shida anafaa tu atumie legal means sio poa kabisa kitu wamemfanyia

Miss Dondzo: No one deserves such injustice this just shows how edgar is a threat to so many people out here who would do anything to keep there skeleton in the closet am so sad about this.

Rachel Mbuki: I have no words. How dare they?! Iā€™m so sorry you went through this Edgar. Iā€™m hurting and outraged for you. Iā€™m so glad you made it back alive. Iā€™m ashamed of my country today šŸ˜” šŸ˜” šŸ˜” šŸ˜¢ šŸ’”šŸ’”šŸ’”šŸ’”

We will keep you posted in case of any developments.