With President Kenyatta expected to address the nation on matters Covid-19 tomorrow, Kenyans are worried of another lockdown.

It's increasingly becoming obvious that the government will impose strict Covid-19 restrictions in a bid to contain the escalating infections.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has given the clearest indication saying harsh measures are inevitable if lives are to be saved.

However, KMPDU secretary General Chibanzi and many other Kenyans believe reimposing movement restrictions across the counties won’t have a major impact in curbing the spread of Covid-19.

He argues that the disease is widespread in the counties. Mwachonda instead advises that the government enforce wearing of masks in public places, limit public gatherings and strengthen contact tracing for an effective war against the virus.

Our Covid-19 caseload has risen to slightly over 56,600 after 724 people tested positive for the virus yesterday.

Chito first urged the government to address matters that concern the common man before they think of imposing another lockdown.

He argued from a point of how many people suffered last time out, using liquor business owners as an example.

One thing that pisses me off is the liquor licenses that have been paid. They don't extend it to the next financial year," said Chito.


Also for restaurant owners they are required to test their employees every two weeks, spending 4k  per every employee. If you have 10 employees you are spending 40k!

No one is talking about things that matter."

His argument is the numbers are high because there is mass testing and that the numbers were still high back then. He went on to say that hunger is what will kill people and not Corona.

Jalas highlighted the fact that the governors have recommended a 7pm curfew urging the government to close bars and restaurants again.

Kenyans called in to urge the president not to close the borders or close businesses.

"I’m one of the pub owners and we suffered a lot last time, then kuna makanjo who harassed us a big time! So please atafute another solution," said one caller.

Calling in from Nakuru, another angry Kenyan had special suggestions;

"Huyu msee muambie afunge makanisa afungue kila kitu!"

Chito however defended the church saying, 'If we are being practical, churches are the ones who are following these rules strictly.'