We all have those low moments when all we want to do is fold everything and just give up. It is no different for Henry Desagu.

The Mwihoko based fast rising comedian revealed that even though his star has already risen, he too has those moments when he feels like giving up.

Jalang'o was speaking to Jalang'o on Bonga na Jalas.

However, he says that he always remembers his fans and those who look up to his comedy and that is where he gets the motivation to keep pushing.

"Sometimes I’m pushed to giving up but when you look at the people looking up to you, you soldier on," said Desagu.

But what is the flourishing YouTuber's advice to upcoming content creators?

"It is all about packaging, and once you start this is, it is for better for worse because once you give up on it even your viewers will give up on you."

Desagu is being ranked as one of the top YouTubers in Kenya with over 400,000 subscribers.

His numbers have grown significantly this year since hitting 100,000 subscribers in 2019.

He has since diversified his art and has delved into music, having dropped 'Ubwedede' in July.

Check out the song below;

-- Enjoy Magnathombious rap song 'Ubwedede' by Mwihoko Rap King Desagu. However the song Does not make any sense..created for fun😊. Remember to Subscribe Audio Writen and performed by : Henry Desagu Audio Producer : Jeyfah Audio Engineer : Kenmusic BGV: Winnie Murigi Video Directed By : Stevenson Filmed By : Stevenson & Bodyart Editing & Color Grading : Sir Newson Set assistant: Henry Desagu Choreography: Mwaura Jay join in on Ubwedede Dance Challenge on Tiktok Connect with Henry Desagu on Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: © 2020 Henry Desagu Entertainment Copyright #Ubwedede #UbwededeDance #HenryDesagu #Desagucomedy