Image: Instagram

Jalang'o is still in his feels a week after he confirmed that he will be on the Daystar University graduation list come November 13th.

Soon as he knew he will soon be a degree holder, an emotional Jalang'o took to IG to celebrate the feat.

"Today has been a good day....l just want to thank God this far He remains Elshadai! 4 years at Daystar UNIVERSITY was summed up in bittersweet tears! When I confirmed that my name was on the list of 2020 Graduating students I just cried..but picking my gown today was even more emotional...Late nights...Projects... canceled events and just wish my Dad was here to see me fulfill His wishes...You might not understand why my undergrad means a lot to me...but I will live to tell this story why I had to graduate or go to school at my Age! NOVEMBER 13 WHEN THEY CALL MY NAME!! GOD YOU ARE EBENEZER!!"

The breakfast presenter has now revealed that considering the tears, sacrifices and the tears he endured for his degree, he is planning to celebrate in a huge way.

'Why hold a party when you can have a concert? Jalang'o said on bonga na Jalas.

He was speaking to fellow comedian, Henry Desagu who had offered to MC his event should he give him some good chums.

Desagu if I can count for you the losses. Kuna time I posted and guys asked eti when did I go to school." He added.

My gigs go from from to Sunday. Imagine if your classes start on Thursday and clients are calling and you turn them down just imagine all those losses. It is not easy but it is a fulfilling thing!"

Jalang'o has previously talked about how he never managed to finish school and after finally conquering this hurdle, he feels he deserves to celebrate like a king!

Everyone at Kiss FM congratulates heavy J for his achievement!