Jalang'o vs Edgar Obare
Jalang'o vs Edgar Obare

On Wednesday morning, Jalang'o finally weighed in on Edgar Obare's alleged kidnapping.

The controversial blogger narrated how unknown men abducted him on Monday morning and bundled him into an awaiting vehicle.

He revealed that his phone was confiscated, handcuffed, blindfolded, tied up and assaulted, drugged before he was dumped in a thorny bush somewhere 'along the road to Chaka.'

Jalang'o and Obare are known to not have a good relationship with the Kiss presenter claiming that Obare always finds a way to fix his name in his controversies.

Even when there is nothing he must look for a way to fix me. Yesterday he said kidnappers asked him why he writes stories about myself and Joho," Jalang'o said.

Those must be the most stupid hijackers. I’m very very sad about what happened to him because all he does is blog. I have said it again I don’t care about what he writes but he has really messed me up but when it comes to that I wouldn’t wish him bad.

The father of two also questioned how Obare, after going through all that managed to go back home, gather the strength to tie himself up, blind fold himself just to relive the entire situation.

Answering him, Chito said;

"People deal with such situations differently, I was thinking maybe that was how he dealt with the traumatic experience to help him come to terms to what happened."

He can write those stuff but I would go that direction," Jalang'o interjected.

Twitter was dissecting this story and there were so many loopholes but I wouldn’t wish that even on my worst enemy. Sijui tulikosania wapi but I’m so sorry for what happened to him."